2014 – 2017

exterdepression / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 19.7×23.6in – 50x60cm



exterdepression / detail 

The addiction, the irrepressible need to belong to a definite group, to a school of thoughts and action, appears to him as scattered elements hindering a global vision of the phenomenal world and its relative reality, transitional and impermanent. Therefore, the medium or format used to extract out of it the conceptual illusion are secondary ; only counts the universal symbol emanating from the graphic representations, bi- or three-dimensional ; micro and macro being indefinitely mouldable ; the only optic collision, a subjective awakening of the collective psychic, having a reason to be. B. Davis


oesophaga / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 19.3×17.7in – 49x45cm



slaveronia / ballpoint pen and acrylic on Arches paper 18.1×21.7in – 46x55cm 

The consumption society’s consensual support for a paradigm formatted freedom, the screening of the information and disinformation flow, the interactivity between intelligence and artificial intelligence, the hybridising of a coded neo language ; as many access lines for a conscience calling out and an individual exploration of what he calls “H Program” or – humanoid intranet program – B. Davis.



neurosis liysum / ballpoint pen and acrylic on Arches paper 13.8×19.7in – 35x50cm



reinitialized – tribute to the Laocoönam / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm



reinitialized – tribute to the Laocoönam – detail



reinitialized – tribute to the Laocoönam – detail