2011 – 2013                                 sebastien-laroche-hote-variables-mutations

hope now jalania / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm 

The autonomy of thoughts is encircled, short-circuited and reinitialised, speculation of a new “web-beings” generation of a genetically transformed phenotype, serving like laboratory mice. D. Paternoster.


sebastien-laroche-hote-hope now

hope now jalania detail


projective identification  / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm

Projective identification, involves the tendency to see your own unacceptable desires in other people; the desires are still there, but they’re not your desires anymore. The objective is to make yourself feel superior may be differentiated from projection when the individual does not completely disavow what is projected. Instead, the person remains aware of his or her own feelings or emotions, but misattributes them and regards them as being justifiable reactions to the behaviour of the other person. M. Klein.



adexeralia evolution  ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm 

Remembered images which have been created entirely in the subject’s brain, and which do not correspond to any reality, called retroactive hallucination. These false memory-images can be suggested to many subjects, either in the state of sleep, hypnotic quasi-sleep, or in the waking state. Subjects believe that they have seen some events or have been actors or spectators in some drama. The memory of the scene which was suggested to them in a waking or sleep state is present in their minds as if it had really happened. R.R. Resti.



adexeralia evolution detail



fagged / ballpoint pen on Arches paper 23.6×21.3in – 60x54cm