2014 – 2017

exterdepression / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 19.7×23.6in – 50x60cm



exterdepression / detail 

The addiction, the irrepressible need to belong to a definite group, to a school of thoughts and action, appears to him as scattered elements hindering a global vision of the phenomenal world and its relative reality, transitional and impermanent. Therefore, the medium or format used to extract out of it the conceptual illusion are secondary ; only counts the universal symbol emanating from the graphic representations, bi- or three-dimensional ; micro and macro being indefinitely mouldable ; the only optic collision, a subjective awakening of the collective psychic, having a reason to be. B. Davis


oesophaga / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 19.3×17.7in – 49x45cm



slaveronia / ballpoint pen and acrylic on Arches paper 18.1×21.7in – 46x55cm 

The consumption society’s consensual support for a paradigm formatted freedom, the screening of the information and disinformation flow, the interactivity between intelligence and artificial intelligence, the hybridising of a coded neo language ; as many access lines for a conscience calling out and an individual exploration of what he calls “H Program” or – humanoid intranet program – B. Davis.



neurosis liysum / ballpoint pen and acrylic on Arches paper 13.8×19.7in – 35x50cm



reinitialized – tribute to the Laocoönam / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm



reinitialized – tribute to the Laocoönam – detail



reinitialized – tribute to the Laocoönam – detail






2011 – 2013 

hope now jalania / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm 

The autonomy of thoughts is encircled, short-circuited and reinitialised, speculation of a new “web-beings” generation of a genetically transformed phenotype, serving like laboratory mice. D. Paternoster.




sebastien-laroche-hote-hope now

hope now jalania detail


projective identification  / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm

Projective identification, involves the tendency to see your own unacceptable desires in other people; the desires are still there, but they’re not your desires anymore. The objective is to make yourself feel superior may be differentiated from projection when the individual does not completely disavow what is projected. Instead, the person remains aware of his or her own feelings or emotions, but misattributes them and regards them as being justifiable reactions to the behaviour of the other person. M. Klein.



adexeralia evolution  / ballpoint pen and acrylic on cardboard 23.6×19.7in – 60x50cm 

Remembered images which have been created entirely in the subject’s brain, and which do not correspond to any reality, called retroactive hallucination. These false memory-images can be suggested to many subjects, either in the state of sleep, hypnotic quasi-sleep, or in the waking state. Subjects believe that they have seen some events or have been actors or spectators in some drama. The memory of the scene which was suggested to them in a waking or sleep state is present in their minds as if it had really happened. R.R. Resti.



adexeralia evolution detail



fagged / ballpoint pen on Arches paper 23.6×21.3in – 60x54cm





2007 – 2010

alma mater / ink, oil and washdrawing on Arches paper 17.7x23.6in - 45x60cm

A microcosm which one grasps as we unravel the skein of an enigma, whose content sends back to the big existential questions. Besides the jubilation that procures the reading of these multiple stories, the drawings of Sébastien Laroche-Hôte also evoke a procession of emotions which are embodied in characters alternately roguish, meditative or amazed to be there. D .P. 



the perfect mouthful / ink, oil and washdrawing on Arches paper 17.7×23.6in – 45x60cm


detail / ink, oil and washdrawing on Arches paper 17.7×23.6in – 45x60cm



hectic / ink, oil and washdrawing on handmade paper 17.7×23.6in – 45x60cm



aequo animo / ink, oil and washdrawing on handmade paper 17.7×23.6in – 45x60cm 

(…) Sébastien Laroche-Hôte first investigated the meanders of the line, the mysteries of the geometry as well as a beautiful sample of the human race in a determinedly figurative vein. Humanity is for him much more than a source of inspiration or a subject of study. It is about a voracious concern that mobilizes at the same time his senses, his neurons and his empathy. D. Paternoster.


sebastien laroche-hôte



2004 – 2006

i don't know who is albator  / c-print on aluminium - edition of 4 -19.7x27.6in - 50x70cm



i don’t know who is albator  / c-print on aluminium – edition of 4 – 19.7×27.6in – 50x70cm


me.after / black stone and charcoal on paper 47.2×31.5in – 120x80cm


Sébastien Laroche-Hôte Skeleton

i won’t survive anyway / pencil, black stone and charcoal on paper 27.6×33.5in – 70x85cm



meditation / ceramic 8.7×5.9×6.3in – 22x15x16cm